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Legal Issues Affecting
Nonprofit Organizations

The links on this page lead to materials that I have prepared for various continuing legal education presentations I have made. These include an introduction to the basic tax law affecting Section 501(c) organizations, information regarding fundraising and planned giving, a summary of the rules concerning political campaign involvement and lobbying activities of tax-exempt organizations, and a discussion of the potential liabilities and immunities of persons who serve as directors and officers of nonprofit organizations. Please note that my practice is located in Denver, Colorado and thus that most of the information here pertaining to corporate law issues is somewhat specific to that state.

Disclaimer: The accompanying materials are distributed with the understanding that they do not constitute legal advice and that they are not intended to establish a lawyer/client relationship. The contents of this site are intended for general informational purposes only, and under no circumstances should they be relied upon for purposes of making legal decisions without first consulting a lawyer regarding the application of particular legal principles to the facts of a specific situation.